La Tavola Scomposta

Well orchestrated chaos: in collaboration with Funky Table, an eclectic Milanese store founded by the cool hunter Mariangela Negroni, Bitossi Home has given significant creative support for the mise en place of a humorous, choral and attractive collection, bringing a Babel of languages to the dining table. Complete sets for the table and items for the kitchen, in ceramic, glass and metal with a vintage flavour, aligned with indispensable coloured glass jars that can be taken from kitchen to table without raising any unnecessary barriers. There is only one rule: ANYTHING GOES. Thus we go from the floral and fabled universe of the Romanian artist Aitch, to the vase designed by Gentucca Bini, from the deliberate imperfections of gilt porcelain to the traditional and more substantial coloured ceramics of Puglia.
Many soloists called to give voice to a unique and inclusive idea.

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