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The Decomposed Table

Passion Fruit

Il Frutto della Passione is the result of the collaboration between Bitossi Home and Pangea, an hybrid utopia that mixes art, fashion and performance, debuting at the Milan Design Week 2023.

Il frutto della Passione is an installation that expresses the essences of the two brand through a mix of symbols and messages, a tale of sharing, joy, dreams and poetry.

Get inspired and experience with us this exclusive capsule recalling the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship.

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Well orchestrated chaos: in collaboration with Funky Table, an eclectic Milanese store founded by the cool hunter Mariangela Negroni, Bitossi Home has given significant creative support for the mise en place of a humorous, choral and attractive collection, bringing a Babel of languages to the dining table. Complete sets for the table and items for the kitchen, in ceramic, glass and metal with a vintage flavour, aligned with indispensable coloured glass jars that can be taken from kitchen to table without raising any unnecessary barriers. There is only one rule: ANYTHING GOES. Thus we go from the floral and fabled universe of the Romanian artist Aitch, to the vase designed by Gentucca Bini, from the deliberate imperfections of gilt porcelain to the traditional and more substantial coloured ceramics of Puglia.

Many soloists called to give voice to a unique and inclusive idea.

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A Good Memory

From the graphics created by Sam Baron comes Un Buon Ricordo, a collection that celebrates Italy and its fine living, recognized by the entire world. Monuments, landscapes and symbols typical of the Belpaese illustrate and characterize this new, iconic series of plates.

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Bel Paese

As light as the tissue paper that was once used to wrap oranges.
The patterns on the plates by Sam Baron narrate our past with the sweetest nostalgia.
The collection, the result of creative collaboration between the French designer and Bitossi Home, takes the opportunity to give back to the collective memory the most discrete, whispered graphics, an elegant game to turn a minor work into a small artistic masterpiece.
Fish, horses, birds, flowers and colourful fruits emerge from a delicate background mesh that evokes the lightness of tissue paper. The geometry is there, but it is softened by an impalpable patina of time that leads back to an almost childlike past. And for those who like keepsakes, here are the boxes to keep your most precious ones in: small, square and invariably in porcelain.

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Wonder expressed in images. It is brought to the table by the graphic design studio La Tigre, directed by Luisa Milani and Walter Molteni, which has designed an entire set of dishes for Bitossi Home: an authentic tribute to magic. Multi-pointed stars, pinwheels and optical effects alternating with softer graphics, but always sprinkled with stardust, seem to say "eyes to me". The trick is there and you can see it, you don't need a magic wand, but you just need to combine the dishes to transform the table into something different and unexpected every time. Abracadabra is the word charged with arcane force that allows you to pull out of the hat graphics of surprising joy, lively and elegant, with the ability to explode sometimes in real fireworks.

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A visionary tale about the table, through the drawings of Monika Forsberg, that sheds new light on a deep-rooted floral tradition linked to porcelain.
The young London-based illustrator from Lapland draws daily inspiration from the Hampstead Heath. In her work she happens to blur the line between dream and reality. Flowers and plants are an endless source of wonder and inspiration for her. Each leaf and petal tells a story of beauty that we find in the dishes, each one different from the other, a classic expression of the mood of Tavola Scomposta.

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The exuberant B-Loom collection, which seems to have emerged from the wild jungles painted by Henri Rousseau, was designed by the Brazilian Paula Cademartori and results from a collaboration between Bitossi Home and Funky Table.

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A choice of character. A single gold letter on white porcelain personalises something as simple as a plate. A new collection has been launched in collaboration with Not For Sale that goes back to basics, starting with ABC. A single plate can express the personality of its owner or its recipient, but lots of them together give the opportunity to create personalised table settings for each of the guests, or to spread gleaming messages of optimism. And then, if it’s easier to write them, you can take your favourite pen from a white porcelain mug with a (stylised) letter in gold on it, also ideal as a teacup or as a poetic flower vase to contemplate. A small rectangular tray completes the collection, perfect for emptying those pockets and relaxing at the end of even the most trying days.

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